Welcome to Skyy Outsourcing! The decision to outsource has become more and more popular in recent years. Outsourcing is the tactical/systematical use of outside resources to perform job tasks traditionally handled by internal staff. Outsourced services are scalable, secure, and efficient while improving overall services and reducing costs.

For those of you that have already done the research and are ready for a positive outsourcing experience, check out all the services we have to offer.

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Eliminate Hiring and Turnover Costs:

Every time you hire a new employee or need to replace an existing one, there are costs involved. Some are direct costs but many are hidden. These hidden costs don’t show up on a budget and are not listed on a profit and loss statement. These costs can include:

  • Posting on a job board
  • Hiring headhunter
  • Internal Recruiters
  • Lowered productivity
  • Overworked remaining Staff
  • Loss of Knowledge
  • Interviewing costs
  • Training costs

Skyy Outsourcing will help you avoid these constant hiring and turnover costs.

Reduce Payroll Cost

Payroll can be one of the highest costs when running a business especially in the service industries. Salary is not the only cost to look at when deciding to hire an employee or outsource the service. Payroll expenses make up a large portion of the cost to hire. These costs can include:

  • Overtime wages
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Benefits such as vacation and sick time, company vehicle usage, and healthcare
  • Severance pay
  • Mandatory liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State Unemployment Insurance, any additional payroll taxes and insurance required by state and local governments)

Reduce or eliminate healthcare cost

Although this is part of the payroll expenses listed above, we thought it would be appropriate to mention again as it is becoming a larger cost for some businesses. Many companies out there struggle to make a profit and still provide their employees with benefits. Many of these companies are just beginning to see the impact of the new healthcare law on their profit margin. Our outsourced solutions will reduce your total healthcare liabilities and may reduce your mandatory healthcare responsibilities.


The basis of scalability is paying for the services you use. This means significant money can be saved by paying for the services you need without extra costs for the ones you don’t. There are multiple advantages to scalability. Scalability will allow a business to outsource only the portion of projects which may prove more expensive to manage internally. It also allows you to augment existing staff or services during high traffic or peak activity periods. As a small company you can act like a bigger company and adjust levels of service without disruptions. It gives access to key expertise in areas when needed for specific projects or services without having to incur the cost of full time experts.

Create Competitive hiring for core employees

Outsourcing your general overhead services will allow you to reduce your payroll and benefit expenses. By doing so, more funds may be available for core employees. This allows you to be more competitive in hiring these core employees, attracting better prospects by offering better benefits than the competitors.

Improve Company Focus

Small business owners need to identify their strengths and focus on those core competencies. Knowing what their finances are at any given moment gives business owners a competitive edge. However they may not have the ability or time to keep them up to date. By outsourcing the company’s non-core functions, business owners can focus on growing their company.