Skyy Outsourcing is here to help you with your marketing and branding needs.  We work with you to help grow your business in the right direction.  Our staff consists of experts from every facet of the marketing world. From a web developer, to graphic designer, to a direct mail specialist, we have the experience to provide the service you need.

Let us customize a service to help you gain more visibility in the marketplace.

Website Development

Websites have to be able to keep up with today’s consumers anywhere on any device.  Creating a responsive design allows consumers to view the same website on a laptop, tablet, or phone.  We work with you to create a new modern responsive design and look for your current website.  Starting a new business? We will build you a website that’s right for you and fits your budget.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, Meta Data, Content, HTML, Structure, Headers, Tags, and Authority are just a few of the many buzz words thrown at consumers.  As a business owner, you don’t have time to research all the factors that make up a good search engine optimization campaign.  Work with a company that knows the architecture of SEO so you don’t have to.  We make sure to keep search engine optimization in mind while building any new website for our customers.

Phone Application Development

With everyone on their phones, applications are a must for today’s savvy business.  From IOS to Android, we are experienced in the most popular mobile application platforms.  We understand the importance an application will have on your business and we work with you to create the most efficient and cleanest solution to meet your target market needs.

Salesforce – CRM

For many small and medium sized companies, Salesforce is a blessing and a curse.  This service offers so many capabilities that companies get bogged down in the setup, data entry, and use.  We will help you with the initial setup of your system, work with you to create the right processes for your company, and help with data entry or conversion from your current CRM.

Contact Management

We understand large CRM databases are not right for everyone.  For small business, all these features may not be necessary.  Sometimes simple is better.  We can set up a simpler system like Constant Contact, convert data from an old system to a new one, and help you manage it as needed.

Email Campaigns

A good email campaign sends value added information to your clients and consumers as well as keeping your product or service in front of them.  With an effective message, we can help you create brand recognition, increase open and click through rates, and encourage consumers to more frequently visit your site.

Graphics Design

Looking for a logo, web banner or a t-shirt design?   Let us use our knowledge and experience with Photoshop and Illustrator to create a unique design to meet your needs.  Our graphic designs are original and tailored to each business’s needs.