Information Technology

Skyy Outsourcing is a full service information technology firm focused on helping companies leverage new technologies to increase efficiencies, reduce downtime, and decrease cost. These days the office is where we make it, at home with a laptop, in the hotel with a tablet, or even on the road with a smart phone. A company’s IT infrastructure is what allows them to bridge the gap between employees and consumers through email, phones, data, websites, and all the social networks. We work with our clients to implement the right technology to achieve their current and future goals.

We pride ourselves on our client support and customer service. From project implementation and project management to server monitoring and desktop issue resolution, we are here to help. Listed below are different IT services our team can provide. Let us take care of all your information technology needs or pick and choose what services we can help with.

Let us customize an IT support service that is right for you.

Server and Network Monitoring

Don’t wait to see the blue screen of death or for the server to crash to call an IT expert. There is no way to prevent every technical issue from happening, but our proactive approach will fix the little issues as they arise so they don’t become the system wide melt down we all fear.
We will monitor your servers and networks, setting thresholds to ensure early warnings are identified before they become critical issues. The IT network is an essential part of business operation and we’re here to make sure they stay operational and are functioning correctly.

Project Management

Project management is essential to any business. From a single computer setup to a major infrastructure overhaul, Skyy Outsourcing has the experience, expertise, and resources to meet your needs.
We will work with your in-house IT team or let us handle the entire project and dedicate those resources to areas where you need them most. Our team makes sure each project will meet the business needs of our clients while staying on time and within budget.

Project Implementation

From start to finish your IT project is in the right hands. With Skyy Outsourcing, your IT project will be done correctly, efficiently and with as little downtime as possible. Before going live with any project, the systems are thoroughly tested to ensure operational viability.
Big or small, we provide the planning, oversight, management, and support that best fits the needs of our clients. We will work with you to handle the entire project or provide supplemental support to your in house IT department. Skyy Outsourcing doesn’t just solve the issue, we create optimized solutions to meet future needs and develop flexible and scalable solutions so your technology will grow with you.

Managed Anti-Virus

Using anti-virus services and keeping the definitions updated are necessary to keep your IT infrastructure free of threats that could cause compromise. Viruses are a large cause of computer malfunctions. Malicious viruses or malware install themselves through vulnerabilities in the operating system or software. Once installed, they can cause many issues from tracking your key strokes to loss of data and ultimately to crashing the system.
Why Skyy Outsourcing Managed Anit-Virus?

• Lower Support Costs/ Increase Productivity
• Single, Integrated Solution
• Affordable Security and Support
• Streamlined Security Management
• Daily Monitoring

Managed Online Backup

When it comes to technology, unexpected issues will happen. Backing up your business data is essential to the health and well-being of your business. Skyy Outsourcing provides secure online data backup in a redundant secure offsite location. With our automated or continuous backups on separated raid-protected devices, rest assured you will be protected when software and hardware failures occur.
Why Skyy Outsourcing Online Backup?

• Cost Effective
• Superior Reliability
• Automated and Continuous
• Secure Data Storage
• Unmatched Scalability

Voice Systems

Skyy Outsourcing is your complete outsourced solution. Not only can we handle your servers and computers, but we will also take care of all your voice systems. For complete flexibility we provide a phone solution for your business needs. Whether you want analog, VoIP, or maybe a little bit of both, we work with you to create a perfect solution.

IT Budgeting

No matter the size of your business, we can create a budget with affordable IT solutions. Our goal is to provide a complete IT solution for one monthly fee.